As you reflect on ACSI Nexus Live, what is the single insight that stands out as the most important for increasing your effectiveness as a Christian educator?

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I believe the thing that stood out to me was the reinforcement of the idea that if we are to successful in our effort to teach worldview then we must address parental involvement and understanding (Sean McDowell).  What will we do to assist parents in understanding worldview and the natural means through which worldview is transferred to their children?  By implication we understand that parents are passing on a worldview, but what worldview are they modelling or living out?  This reinforces the point that Christian Smith made in his book---The Spiritual and Religious Lives of Today's Teenagers.  After his extensive research he concluded that today's youth is not seeking a new religiosity but rather they are quickly becoming their parents.  Can we share ways in which we might address this need?  Sean's example of the high school students teaching parents what they are learning in theology classes is a great starting point.  What are you doing? 

What I gained most is the encouragement from the community of educators.  As mentioned there were over 14,000 in attendance at over 120 sites.  I am part of a community of educators going in the same direction leading students to Christ.  In many of the sessions teachers were encouraged to see and reach the heart of the child. There were sessions that encouraged us to teach by modeling or to go back to the moment of our calling. Dr. Stowell encouraged us to remember the mission that God has given us. For me, I can remember the summer that God called me to teach.  I was able to reflect that He has been faithful from that point on to lead me to the right positions, guide me in the classroom, and strengthen me when I grew tired.  I love the fact that I am able to disciple young men and women in their walk with Christ. Do you remember the call on your life to teach?  How has God strengthened and lead you on this journey of His? Remember you are part of a large community of teachers who have been commissioned by God to teach and love His children.  What an awesome calling to have!  


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