It is time to begin a discussion on the second of our summer reading selections---Heart and Mind: What the Bible says about Learning by Ruth Beechick. If you have not already done so you might want to also review the previously posted comments regarding J.P. Moreland's book on Loving Your God with All Your Mind.  Participate in this forum by replying to one or more of the following conversation starters:

1) Professional educators should be continually encouraged to develop a distinctively biblical theory of teaching and learning. In what way does the reading of Heart and Mind provide insights into teaching and learning that are distinctively biblical? How do these insights impact your learning theory?

2) How does your understanding of Beechick’s model impact the levels of thinking in Bloom’s taxonomy?

3) What will you do differently (or encourage teachers to do differently) as a result of having read Heart and Mind

4) Additional discussion points are welcome. Please share your “enduring” ideas.

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Posted by Kristen Dickerson

What will you do differently (or encourage teachers to do differently) as a result of having read Heart and Mind?

As a person, I am a fairly social person. I feel capable of relating to others, being empathetic and being open minded. However, this book brought a new perspective on teaching. Over the course of my first year, I learned (through experience) about the importance of relationship when teaching...AUTHENTIC and INTENTIONAL relationship. Students whose minds that I sought first, I sometimes reached their hearts, but those who hearts that I sought first (intentionally or accidentally), I received both their hearts AND mind! It was such an amazing experience. In class, then I was able to read the literature behind it, but now I understand why!


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