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3) What can we do to prepare students for change AND remain faithful to the enduring ideas of Christian school education?

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I don't see these as distinct issues. If anything, I think the influence of technology is pushing us to become what we should have been all along—schools training young people to think critically and creatively and to communicate in ways that DESERVE attention. We've always been committed to the Scriptures and "instilling" their truths in our young people. However, we've often failed (in my opinion) to equip our young people to articulate those truths in relation to the major issues of the day. We've over-emphasized "taking a stand" and undervalued reasoned discourse from a biblical foundation. As a result, our students can "take a stand" but be completely ignored because they cannot think and communicate that thinking in high quality ways. Our challenge is to change the results of 12-13 years in our schools. Great test scores are nice; young people equipped to change the world is influential. 


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