Audios to download

Biblical Principles of Administration by Dr. Tony Fortosis ($1.99) Buy Now

A Heart for the Children by Dr. Milton V. Uecker ($1.99) Buy Now

Improving the Spiritual Impact of the School by Dr. Tony Fortosis ($1.99) Buy Now

Marks of the Christian Teacher by Dr. Tony Fortosis ($1.99) Buy Now

Remember a true hero as Dr. Milton Uecker celebrates the life of Mr. Rogers Buy Now  ($1.99)

The School's Responsibility to Parents by Dr. Paul Kienel ($1.99)  Buy Now

Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding by Dr. Jack Layman ($1.99) Buy Now

Unique Philosophies of Christian School Education by Dr. Gene Garrick ($1.99) Buy Now

What Paul Knew about Ministry by Dr. Roy L. Lowrie ($1.99) Buy Now

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