Culture Building

Thomas W. Burkett, Ed.D.

Abstract: The Culture Building Behaviors of Leaders and Student Spiritual Maturity in Selected Christian Schools (2008)

The purpose of this study was to determine what behavior traits, if any, exhibited by the educational leader have a relationship with the spiritual transformation of students.


Two instruments were used in this study. The first (Christian School Leadership Survey) was a survey taken by students and teachers (Students’ N=603; Teachers’ N=67) in four selected Christian schools to determine the culture building behavior traits of the educational leader that have a relationship to the spiritual transformation of students. The second instrument (Furnishing the Soul Inventory) was a student assessment (N=637) to measure personal spiritual transformation.

Major Findings
On the Christian School Leadership Survey, three of the four statements’ highest mean scores involved the relationship of the administrator with the faculty, and the highest perceived contribution to spiritual transformation involved the genuine care for the students exhibited by the educational leader. In addition, the administrators perceived the same four highest contributions to spiritual transformation as the students and teachers.

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