Leadership Attributes

Michael P. Giglio, Ed.D.

Abstract: Leadership Attributes in Minority Urban Christian Schools Having High Reenrollment Rates (2009)

This is a qualitative study that examined the attitudes and practices of five leaders of
minority urban Christian schools in the eastern United States. Each school had to be a
member of the Association of Christian Schools International, be at least 75% African
American and/or Hispanic, have at least 90 students, enjoy at least 75% reenrollment, and have the same leader for the last three years. The study found the leaders empowered by a strong sense of spiritual calling (responsibility and appropriate giftedness) expressed in missional service to their local communities. Students reenrolled because of satisfying relationships, safety, and good academics at these schools. Knowledge of civil rights history and other urban issues were relatively secondary in the leaders' motivations.

For Dr. Giglio's complete dissertation, click here to order (UMI Publication Number 3374326).

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