Longevity and Christian School Teachers

Minta Hardman, Ed.D.

Abstract: Longevity and Christian School Teachers: An Analysis of Motivational Influences Related to Long-term Service (2010)

With teacher turnover an increasing threat to Christian schools, identifying motivational influences related to longevity of Christian school teachers holds great significance for
Christian school education. Through a primarily quantitative study, the researcher
examined responses of 417 Christian school teachers on the Motivational Factors of
Christian Educators Survey (MFCES).

A comparison of mean scores revealed that “reaching students,” “student interaction,” and “influencing students” ranked the highest scores across grouping categories. A discriminant analysis indicated that motivational characteristics of “desire for no other career” and “decision input” showed a degree of significance at p<.001 for each of four grouping indicators – (a) total teaching experience, (b) Christian school education experience, (c) gender, and (d) intention to remain in Christian school education until retirement. Classification reports indicated an 84.5% predictability of correctly classifying groups based on intention to remain in Christian school teaching until retirement and permitted identification of motivating influences common to “long-term” Christian school teachers. Based on the results of the study, the researcher made inferences from the data and suggested implications for practice to address the motivational influences identified and promote teacher longevity in the Christian school movement.

For Dr. Hardman's complete dissertation, click here to order (UMI Publication Number 3398151).

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