Induction Program Components

Frances Leonor, Ed.D.

Abstract: Christian School Teacher Perceptions of Induction Program Components (2010)

This study was conducted to identify new teachers’ perceived levels of importance and
satisfaction with the components of the teacher induction programs among Association of Christian Schools International accredited schools in California. New teachers (234) who participated in the study had completed one or two years of teaching in the same school. They were asked to (a) rate their levels of importance and satisfaction with these components, (b) list the three most important and least important components, and (c) identify the components they wished had been done for them when they began Christian school teaching. Data were collected through Survey Monkey and analyzed through the quadrant analysis method. The significance of differences between responses of subgroups of participants was examined using t-tests.

Induction program components that consistently surfaced as most important and most satisfying to new teachers in all data sources (ratings, rankings, and open responses) were: (a) having a mentor who is assigned to the new teacher; (b) being supervised in organized, consistent, and progressive stages; (c) having professional development opportunities; (d) being involved in curriculum development; and (e) receiving constant support from administrators, fellow teachers, and staff. By contrast, social functions, non-teaching assignments, and membership in academic/professional associations appeared as least important and least satisfying in all three data sources. Based on the findings, it was concluded that there is a need for structured and systematic induction programs in Christian schools with the resulting recommendation that such schools develop and/or enhance their induction programs by incorporating those components that are both important and satisfying to new teachers.

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