Larry Dixon, Ph.D.

Dr. Dixon offers the following in-service topics:

"The Functional Authority of Scripture" 

"Personal Spiritual Growth"

"Becoming a Friend of Sinners Like Jesus"

"Temptation and Sin" (see my book When Temptation Strikes)

"The Doctrine of Eternal Lostness" (see The Other Side of the Good News)

"What's So Wrong with 'Love Wins'?" (see Farewell, Rob Bell)

About Dr. Dixon...

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Teaching and Ministry Experience:

Professor of Systematic Theology, Columbia International University Seminary & School of Missions, Columbia, SC.  1997- Present.

Professor of Theology, Providence College, Manitoba, Canada.  1988-1997.

Church Speaker, Open Brethren Assemblies.  1974- Present.

Missionary to Berlin, Germany.  International Teams.  1972-1974.


Ph. D.:  Drew University, Madison, N.J.  1985.  Dissertation:  “The Pneumatology of John Nelson Darby (1800-1882).”

M.Div.: Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, PA.  1979.

BA in Biblical Literature:  Northeastern Bible College, Essex Fells, NJ.  1976.

Bible Certificate: Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, Iowa.  1971.

Publishing History:

Farewell, Rob Bell: A Biblical Response to Love Wins (Theomedian Resources, 2011).

When Temptation Strikes: Gaining Victory Over Sin (Christian Literature Crusade, 2008).

DocWalk:  Putting into Practice What You Say You Believe (Christian Focus, 2005).

The Other Side of the Good News:  Contemporary Challenges to Jesus’ Teaching on Hell (Christian Focus, 2003; first published in 1992 by Good News Publishers).

DocTalk: A Fairly Serious Survey of All That Theological Stuff (Christian Focus, 2002).

DocDevos: Ten-Minute Daily Devotionals on the Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith  (Christian Publications/Scripture Press, 2002).

Heaven: Thinking Now about Forever (Christian Publications/Scripture Press, 2002).

Numerous articles for such publications as: The Evangelical Journal, The Emmaus Journal, Moody Magazine, etc.


Married 40 years to Linda Dixon, head of Ben Lippen Guidance Counseling Dept.

Two children; two grandchildren.

Favorite sports: tennis and table tennis.

Preaching Topics:


  • "STUCK!  Why Many Christians Don't Grow -- and How You Can" (a study of the Christian life)
  • "Working Out Your Own . . . Faith!" (a series on the basics of Christianity)
  • "The Other Side of the Good News" (several messages on the doctrine of eternal lostness)
  • "What on Earth Are We to Do About Unbelief" (several messages on the Epistle of Jude)
  • "When Temptation Strikes!" (a series on temptation and sin)
  • "Whatever Happened to Heresy" (a series on famous heresies and heretics)
  • "The Apologetics of the Lord Jesus" (a series on Jesus' use of logic & evidences)


  • "Insight from a Blind Man" (a study of John 9) "The Joy of Getting" (a Christmas sermon) "The Christian Life: More Than Merely Sin Management"
  • "When the Word of God Is 'As Dry as a Stick!'" (Bunyan and being bored with God's Word)

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