James E. Watson, Ph.D.

Dr. Watson offers the following in-service topics:

Workshop #1:   Reflecting the Divine Nature: Thinking biblically and practically about classroom assessment

Professional development that addresses using classroom assessments to engage intellectual development.  This series can be offered in a one, two, or three day offering. 

Workshop #2:  Classroom Management:  Respect, Routine, and Responsibility

The focus of this course will be to establish a biblical foundation for our classroom management approach and then by reflecting upon that foundation consider the impact of research findings and practical applications for individual classroom settings. 

Workshop #3:  Bible CEU approved course:  Ephesians:  The Worthy Life

This is a six-session survey of the book of Ephesians that is approved for ACSI Bible CEU credit.

Workshop #4:  Consultation for:  Planning a Data Informed School Board Strategic Planning Retreat

Guidance to collect and present materials that will guide a school board to establish a strategic plan for a Christian school’s future direction.

Workshop #5: Constituency Surveys:  Design, Implementation, and Analysis

Consulting services are available for all phases of surveying constituencies to obtain relevant information for accreditation, opinions, and vision casting.  Properly designing a questionnaire insures higher rates of return, ease of data entry, and having the data that is pertinent to the need that is being addressed. These services are aimed at assisting the school in assessing what data needs to be sought, designing the questionnaire(s), implementing the survey process, guiding data entry, and suggestions for data analysis strategies.

Workshop #6: Biblical Philosophy of Christian School Education (ACSI Approved)

A series of seminars designed to meet the certification requirement for teachers and administrators.  This is a one-day presentation with the required paper and reading to be collected by the school administrator.

About Dr. Watson...

James Watson currently serves Columbia International University as a professor in the College of Education.  Dr. Watson’s teaches in the Ed.D. and M.Ed. programs. He has served churches, Christian schools, and colleges as pastor, teacher, coach, school administrator, and professor.  Dr. Watson obtained a bachelor’s degree from Asbury College, a Master of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary, a Master of Christian Studies degree from Regent College, a Master of Education degree from Florida Atlantic University, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Higher Education Administration from The Ohio State University.  He and his wife, Lynn, were married in 1970. Their daughter, Susan, is a teacher and she and her husband, Ben, live in Columbia, South Carolina. Their daughter, Jennifer, is a teacher at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Dr. Watson, I wanted to express my joy at the seminars I attended under your leadership at the ACSI convention in Minneapolis last week.  I found them most Biblical and practical.  I look forward to incorporating them into my classroom teaching, and beyond,….” Kerry Stastny, Shiloh Christian School, Bismarck, ND

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