A Description of Teacher Induction Programs in International Christian Schools

Alfred R. King, Ed.D.


This study provided a description of teacher induction practices in international Christian schools that are members of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  International Christian schools serve an important role in the global Christian school movement, serving the children of missionaries, host country nationals, employees of multinational companies, and diplomats, who desire a quality English-language and/or a Christian education for their children.  These schools often experience high rates of turnover, necessitating a means of training, orienting, and preparing new teachers for a successful teaching experience in the international Christian school context.  Teacher induction is seen as a means of both training new teachers and assisting in teacher retention.  While much research has been conducted on teacher induction in the public schools in the U.S. and abroad, a gap exists in research relating to teacher induction in the international Christian school context.  The researcher identified 148 international Christian schools that are members of ACSI.  A fifty-item, electronic survey, was sent to each subject.  The survey asked participants to report which induction components they offer to new teachers as well as comment on various aspects of their current induction practices.  Thirty-nine of the survey items were structured, closed-ended items, with single answer “Yes” or “No” responses.  Eight questions were multiple-choice.  Three questions were open-ended.  The study yielded 13 major findings about induction practices in international Christian schools.  The overarching finding was that comprehensive, multi-component teacher induction is not a widespread practice in international Christian schools.  Based on the findings, the researcher made three suggestions for professional practice and six suggestions for further research.

For Dr. King's complete dissertation, click here to order (UMI Publication Number 3540413).

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