Determining the Extent Teachers in International Christian Schools Perceive Their Schools are Engaged in Educational Effectiveness Factors

Donald A. McGavran, Ed.D.


International Christian schools have been in existence for over 160 years and are a critical tool that supports missions work around the world. International Christian schools desire to ensure a high level of engagement in educational effectiveness factors that impact student achievement the most. Educational effectiveness factors in international Christian schools have received little research attention compared to that of other private and public schools around the world. This purpose of this study was to determine the extent teachers in international Christian schools perceive their schools are engaged in educational effectiveness factors. The Snapshot Survey of School Effectiveness Factors was used to assess teachers’ perceived engagement in effectiveness factors using 68 questions addressing educational effectiveness factors nested in 11 factor areas. The survey was completed by 226 teachers from 42 international Christian schools in 33 countries. Overall, teachers perceived only a mild engagement in educational effectiveness factors in their schools. It is hoped the findings of this study will assist those involved in international Christian schools to seek ways to discover how administrators and teachers may be able to deepen their perceived levels of engagement in educational effectiveness factors which will hopefully then lead to greater student achievement gains.

For Dr. McGavran's complete dissertation, click here to order (UMI Publication Number 3558817).

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