Timothy L. Cooley, Sr., Ed.D.

Dr. Cooley offers the following in-service topics:

  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Spiritual Formation in Higher Education

Workshop #1: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Spiritual Assessment

Multiple dimensions enter into spiritual transformation.  Biblical/doctrinal knowledge, personal commitment, conscientious behavior, interpersonal relationships, compassion, and the practice of spiritual disciplines all contribute to spiritual growth.  The Christian college should engage every dimension and assess the students’ progress.  The presentation will be supported from the results of a pilot study involving five colleges and over 400 students.

Continuing Education Units: either three hours or six hours.  Sessions could be delivered over two days.

About Dr. Cooley...

I serve as Academic Dean at Penn View Bible Institute, training pastors, missionaries, musicians, Christian school teachers, child evangelism workers and other Christian workers.  Graduates are serving in many states of the U.S. and in 14 other countries including Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, South Africa, Rumania, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea.  They are leading churches, missions and schools. 

I believe the Lord has this goal for my life:  To be a man of God—Living, Loving, Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy.  In line with that, I have striven to live with integrity and to lead my family in commitment to the Lord.  I have pastored three different churches, and I have worked in Bible college administration and teaching.  I have been privileged to mentor numerous Bible college students as they prepared and then entered the ministry.  I have enjoyed a kind of peer mentoring for faculty members as well.  I also serve on the General Board of the God’s Missionary Church, a small denomination headquartered in Penns Creek, PA.

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What do his former professors say about Dr. Cooley?

 “I have known Tim as a doctoral student and as a peer in educational administration. He is self-motivated and disciplined. He is a good researcher and digs for the facts. He is a good communicator and presenter of his research. He is a delight to work with and truly a Christian gentleman.”  (Dr. Patrick Blewett)

“It has been a privilege to have had Dr. Cooley in our Ed.D. program. During his doctoral studies, he demonstrated a keen mind, a voracious appetite for reading, and an ability to retain and teach what he had read. He has distinguished himself in his dissertation research and will be a leader in understanding spiritual transformation in Christian college students. I recommend him as a consultant, presenter, and as an administrator.”  (Dr. James Watson)

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