Todd Marrah, Ed.D.

Dr. Marrah offers the following in-service topics, now available online in six 1 hour segments (click here).

Session 1 – Spiritual Formation: “What?”

  • This seminar will introduce the following topics:  What is Spiritual Formation?  How does the Lord form His people in Christlikeness?  Can Christian school be used in such formation?  How are we being used in spiritual formation?  How do we know?  
  • A focus on Relational Spirituality will be discussed.

 Session 2 – Spiritual Formation: “It’s All              About People”

  • “All spiritual formation happens in relationships”.  If this statement is true it has many implications for the spiritual formation of Christian school students.
  • This session will begin a discussion of how and why relationships are central to a schools focus on spiritual formation.

 Session 3 – Spiritual Formation: “How Deep Does ‘Hanging Out Together’ Go?”

  • The last 20 years have seen new insights into a “relational revolution”.  Relationship with others and God are viewed through Attachment Filters and Attachment Figures.  Dr. Todd Hall’s (Biola University) “5 Dimensions of Relational Spirituality” will be explored with a focus on how they impact our understanding of the Spirits work in Christian schools.

 Session 4 – Spiritual Formation: “Practice Makes Perfect”

  • The process of transformation includes “Spiritual Tipping Points” and practicing spiritual disciplines.  These concepts will be discussed including their application in Christian schools.

 Session 5 – Spiritual Formation: “The Students Speak”

  • “The Furnishing the Soul Project.  A study of the Spiritual Lives of ACSI Students” is an ongoing study of the spiritual lives of Christian school students. What are Christian school students reporting about their own spiritual formation?  What aspects of school life are having a positive impact on their spiritual development and what aspects are having a minimal impact?

 Session 6 – Spiritual Formation: “Recent Research Revelations”

  • Dr. Christian Smith recently reported the result of the National Study of Youth and Religion at ACSI’s Leadership Academy in Colorado.  We will review his findings and discuss their implication for Christian schools. Recent research is revealing valuable insights into the lives of the students we serve.

 About Dr. Marrah...

Todd R. Marrah, Ed.D. is Superintendent of Tree of Life Christian Schools and President of Tree of Life Christian Ministries. He is a consultant with Graybeal and Associates, headquartered in South Carolina; and Alidade Research, located at Biola University in California. He also serves as Minister of Preaching and Teaching at Amazing Grace Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Marrah’s experience as a middle and high school teacher, a middle and high school principal combined with almost 20 years of pastoral ministry as a children’s pastor, youth pastor and preaching pastor provides unique insights into issues facing education and the church. Dr. Marrah frequently speaks at churches and Christian schools on a variety of topics including leadership, strategic planning, spiritual formation, and Christian parenting.

Dr. Marrah’s research focuses on the spiritual formation of students, ages 12-18. He was recently invited to be a faculty member for the International Institute for Christian School Educators and has presented at Association of Christian Schools International’s Leadership Academy (Colorado) and a variety of church and school conferences.

He is a father of 6 wonderful children, ages 10-20, and husband to his lovely wife, Jana.

For more information, email Dr. Marrah at

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