Why the Christian School?


By Roy W. Lowrie, Jr., Ed.D. (1974)

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BECAUSE Jesus Christ is to be preeminent in all things, and that must include a student’s education.

BECAUSE Jesus Christ is the key to education, for in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

BECAUSE an education which omits God, or does not give Him His proper place, is not God-honoring.

BECAUSE education should be Christ-centered, not child-centered.

BECAUSE Christ is the creator and the sustainer of every aspect of the universe.

BECAUSE there are many different philosophies of life, but only Christianity is the right one.

BECAUSE the right vantage point for viewing all of life, including education, in true perspective is the Bible.

BECAUSE students study the Bible and pray every day in Christian school.

BECAUSE observing a moment of reverent silence during the school day is not comparable to prayer to God and a total educational experience in which Jesus Christ is central.

BECAUSE the Christian school gives a sound academic education which is integrated with the Word of God.

BECAUSE God does exist.

BECAUSE the Lord is Sovereign and active today over all mankind and the universe.

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BECAUSE the honor and glory of God is the highest purpose of life, including of education.

BECAUSE God commands that every thought be brought into captivity to Jesus Christ.

BECAUSE the secular philosophy of life and the Christian philosophy of life are in conflict and are incapable of being harmonized.

BECAUSE the major purpose of education is to show a student how to face God, not to show him how to face the world.

BECAUSE an education in which Jesus Christ is central is the best preparation for the real world.

BECAUSE the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge, is not taught in secular schools, but is carefully rejected.

BECAUSE Satan, who is a deceiver, a wily liar, and the prince of this present evil world, controls secular education, using it as the major force against the truths of Christianity.

BECAUSE an education controlled by the Spirit of Christ is different from an education controlled by the spirit of anti-christ.

BECAUSE a child should be brought up in the right way, and he will not depart from it when he is old.

BECAUSE secular education is based upon man’s reason alone, while Christian education is based upon God’s revelation.

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BECAUSE secular schools believe that students are good by nature, and try to educate them accordingly.

BECAUSE evolution is a lie, no educational system based upon it can be true.

BECAUSE there is no such thing as a secular subject, for all truth is from God.

BECAUSE there is no academic freedom in secular education for the inclusion of instruction which is Christ-centered and biblically oriented.

BECAUSE no state mandated program can include a Christian approach to education, for legal reasons.

BECAUSE children belong to their parents, not to the state.

BECAUSE a secular school does not, and cannot, encourage a student to love the Lord with all his mind.

BECAUSE secular schools do not teach students a system of values consistent with the Bible.

BECAUSE the serious problems of drugs, immorality, disrespect for authority, lack of discipline, and low academic standards are increasing in most secular schools, and the schools do not know how to solve them.

BECAUSE a student’s schoolmates have a strong influence on him, either toward God or away from God.

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BECAUSE the Bible does not teach that children should be exposed to all kinds of sin.

BECAUSE the activities of secular schools are exclusively of this world, for they exclude God and His ways.

BECAUSE a student goes to school primarily to be taught by his teachers, not primarily to witness to non-Christians.

BECAUSE standards for morality should be taken from Scripture alone, not from situations.

BECAUSE classroom discipline, necessary for education, is on a high level in the Christian school.

BECAUSE the Christian school approach to music, drama, social life, and athletics is one of seeking to honor God in all things.

BECAUSE students do not become stronger Christians by being taught non-Christian thinking, but by being taught Christian thinking.

BECAUSE the way a person thinks about God, man, and the world determines his style of life.

BECAUSE children are impressionable, they need to be educated in the truth in their early formative years.

BECAUSE a student’s attitudes and values are quite well set before he graduates from high school.

BECAUSE the Christian school teaches students that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, not that it is just one of the many religious books full of legends, myths, lies, and errors.

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BECAUSE Christian school students are taught to see relationships between the Bible and all of life and learning.

BECAUSE the Christian school teaches students to respect government leaders, and to pray for all who are in authority.

BECAUSE there is a relationship between respect and obedience to persons in authority, and respect and obedience to God.

BECAUSE Christian school teachers are active members in good standing of gospel-preaching churches who encourage students to love and to support their own church.

BECAUSE the Christian school works in harmony with the Christian home, supplementing it, but not supplanting it.

BECAUSE at family altar and church, there is not enough time, or ability, to combat all of the influences of a secular education.

BECAUSE man was created by the direct action of God, not by some evolutionary process.

BECAUSE the Christian school teaches students that God has a will for the life of each Christian and encourages each student to seek it.

BECAUSE there is no such person as a neutral school teacher, who neither advances nor inhibits religion.

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BECAUSE every school teacher’s thinking has been distorted by sin, and unless he is regenerated his understanding of the true meaning of facts is wrong, for his mind is darkened.

BECAUSE the Holy Spirit works in and through born again teachers, but not through unregenerate teachers.

BECAUSE Christian school teachers pray for their students and graduates daily.

BECAUSE Christian school teachers are soul winners, and have the freedom to lead their students to Christ.

BECAUSE Christian school teachers are good examples of the Christian life for students to follow.

BECAUSE Christian school teachers take the time to help their students, and give them care and counsel which is always consistent with the Christian view of life.

BECAUSE the student-teacher relationship in the Christian school is excellent, in the classroom, in athletics, in the fine arts, and in social activities.

BECAUSE the Christian school teaches students that all of their abilities are from God, and are to be used to honor Him.

THEREFORE, the Christian School.

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