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Institute Reflections

As the countdown to the 2018 IICSE begins I want to share some reflections on our last IICSE. Dr.  Stephen Reel's keynote is the perfect place to start.  He encouraged participants to never loose sight of or "rediscover the most important aspect of Christian Schools". His challenge, available to all…


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Heartly welcome to the IICSE

What a wonderful news to hear that our beloved institute will be back again. We testify of the many  educators from the Dominican Republic that have benefit from it. We rejoice with this wonderful news.

Lester Flaquer

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The Voice of the Lowrie Center has Returned

It has been a year since you have heard from the Lowrie Center.  That is about to change as we move into 2018.  Throughout 2017 I have been praying and collaborating with stakeholders as to the role and future of the Lowrie Center.  In essence, I, together with the education faculty at CIU, have sought a "new beginning" while at the same time honoring the core values and purpose of the Lowrie Center.  I believe we are ready to move forward.  I am beginning  a series of posts that…


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In Memoriam: Dr. E. Wm. Male

The Lowrie Center and the International Institute for Christian School Education has lost a founder and significant mentor.  The Center’s purpose is in part to advance the enduring ideas foundational to excellence in Christian schooling around…


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Introducing the 2016 IICSE Keynote Speakers (Part One)

Dr. Glen Schultz has again made the IICSE a priority on his schedule as a means of equipping new Christian School educators with both the vision and skills for more effectively ministering within a Christian School. …


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Top Ten Reasons to Attend IICSE

Over the years delegates to the IICSE have provided feedback as to the value and benefits of the Institute experience.  This list of…


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"Is it Safe"

The Lowrie Center’s mission includes the advancement of enduring ideas foundational to excellence in Christian schooling around the world.  An important dynamic of the mission is therefore demonstrated through the…


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Thinking Critically During the Election Year: 2016

Thinking Critically During the Election Year: 2016

For months we have been hearing political opinions from every direction.  Our students will be listening and watching as this process unfolds.  Positions abound on many critical issues and any time there are varying positions the opportunity for biblical critical thinking is likewise present.  It is important that we lead children in developing…


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Give the Gift of Encouragement

The month of December is an emotional month.  The days are filled with excitement, joy, anxiety, and for some depression.  As we look at the world in which we now live and minister, we must acknowledge that fear and worry are also present.  Today’s students are “heavy laden” with the impact of brokenness.  Their hearts need to experience anew the good news of Christmas.  As we approach Christmas our students need to be reminded of the Truth---God is with us and cares for us.  These…


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Develop or Accelerate? A Question for Administrators

As I have been browsing the Lowrie Center archives, which contains copies of the ACSI magazines dating as far back as the early 1980s, I came across an article I wrote in the summer 1981 issue of the Christian School Administrator and Teacher.  I was struck by the fact that with the exception of the need for a few updated sources, I could have written this article yesterday.  I wrote the article out of concern that schools were "miseducating" children within preschool and…


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Critical Thinking within Christian Schools

The following is an introduction to a one-day in-service that I have developed for faculty in-service days.  I am posting it for the benefit or both teachers and administrators as they strive to graduate Christian Thinkers.  This is a major emphasis within classrooms across the country.  Are your students being prepared to understand and then engage other thinkers? 

Critical Thinking within Christian Schools…


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So Little Time. So Much to Do!

Beginning Again

As educators assemble for the beginning of the school year there is always that sense of new beginnings and the enthusiasm that accompanies being able to again invest in fulfilling one’s calling.  We have been placed within our schools according to God’s design for our lives and we also believe that the students have been set apart for instruction within our school and…


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21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for an Unknown Future

21st Century Skills:  Are We Preparing Students for their Future ?

Much has been written about 21st century skills and preparing students for their future.  Hopefully each of our schools has embraced that concern within our schools.  Futurists consistently challenge…


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Directors Trip to the Dominican Republic: Lessons Learned

ACSI Dominican Republic Conference:  Lessons Learned

June, 2015

As promised in my last blog post, I want to take the opportunity to reflect upon the recent conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  The two day event, June 25-25, was attended by 600 Christian school educators from across the country.  It proved to be a dynamic experience for everyone involved.  I found myself often thinking, “if only my colleagues from the…


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Director's Visit to the Dominican Republic

Taking a break from the blog this week to speak at the ACSI conference in the Dominican Republic.  In next week's blog I will share the insights gained from the experience with you, the Lowrie Center membership.  Pray for my journey there and the emphasize the need to understand the nature and needs of the learner with this dynamic group of Christian School Educators. 

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Equipping Students for the World and Culture in Which We Live

          IICSE 2014 Opening Keynote           

Milton V. Uecker, Ed.D.

Based upon Paul’s Letter to the Colossians   


The Context

The world and culture in which we live is not unlike the cultures where the apostle Paul lived and taught.  As one reads and understands the context of his…


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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Nhamo Chigohi, Zimbabwe

by Dr. Milton V. Uecker

Our hearts were saddened to learn that Pastor Nhamo Chigohi passed away on May 19th. We rejoice in knowing that he is in the presence of Jesus whose love and grace miraculously saved him from the power of darkness. This son of a witch doctor was set apart as a child to rescue orphans from the streets, provide exemplary care through orphanages and then educate the children in his care within Christian schools. Additionally,…


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Grading as a Spiritual Practice

by Dr. Milton V. Uecker

For those of us in higher education we have come to the close of another spring semester. The end of a semester is always accompanied by grading a pile of final projects and other assessments. This task, even after over 45 years, is still one of the most difficult things that I do. A fellow professor recently sent the faculty in the College of Education at CIU an interesting blog post that shed light on some of the reasons why…


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Integrated Instructional Units and Lessons

Designing Integrated Instructional Units and Lessons

By Dr. Milton V. Uecker

As the semester draws to a close, we find ourselves evaluating student progress through assessment.  The final assignment (assessment), for my Biblical Foundations for Curriculum course, asked doctoral students to design a rubric to evaluate a teacher’s unit design.  Through the rubric a curriculum supervisor could be assured that instruction is aimed at…


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