The month of December is an emotional month.  The days are filled with excitement, joy, anxiety, and for some depression.  As we look at the world in which we now live and minister, we must acknowledge that fear and worry are also present.  Today’s students are “heavy laden” with the impact of brokenness.  Their hearts need to experience anew the good news of Christmas.  As we approach Christmas our students need to be reminded of the Truth---God is with us and cares for us.  These are words of “Good Cheer” in that God’s love was demonstrated through the gift of His son. 

God wants to express words of cheer through us as well.  Words of encouragement are the perfect gift for each of our students and colleagues.  Consider this excerpt from Pearls from the Proverbs by Dr. Roy Leon Lowrie (unpublished document):

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. Proverbs 12:24

            One does not need to look too far on a Christian school campus to see anxious and heavy hearts.  There is anxiety brought on by academic stress, crumbling homes, friendships in transition, and an uncertain future.  Students often wear problems on their faces or in their downcast eyes.

            Galatians commands us to “carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  Christ said love for one another was the fulfillment of all the commands.

            The Christian school is at its best when students and staff are actively ministering to each other in word and deed, lightening each other’s loads through kind words and physical help.  The academics of the school are just the shell.  It is necessary for an egg to have a good shell, but the shell exists to enable the miracle to take place inside.  So it is in the Christian school; the quality academics exist to allow the miracle of spiritual growth to take place in the hearts and lives of the students.  One of the greatest miracles is the joy of encouragement and a kind word.

            There are varied ways to say a kind word.  “Good job on that test.”  “I was proud of you when you responded correctly to discipline.”  “I was praying for you this morning.”  “Great game; I like your attitude.”  “Would you help Bill with his work?  You always do this type of assignment well.”  “How are things going at home?”  “You used your time wisely in study hall today.”  “Would you help me with this?”  “I have seen so much improvement in you.”  “You are really becoming a leader for what is right on our campus.”  “Can we pray?”  “Is there a way that I can help you?”  “Let’s pray about that.”  “I know you will do well with this assignment.”  “Your behavior makes this class so fun to teach.”  “How can I pray for you?”  “How is your hobby coming along?”  “I love to see you helping out with your brothers and sisters.”  “I knew I could count on you.”

            Kind words truly are the perfect gift for every occasion (and season)!


Lord, may I have kind words on the tip of my tongue for each student I meet today.  Give me insight into those students that are especially weighed down.

Roy L. Lowrie was the son of Roy Lowrie W. Lowrie Jr.  Both were faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christian schools worldwide.  They are remembered for the words of encouragement that they constantly shared with others. 

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