IICSE Preview Two: Advanced Educator Track

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IICSE 2018:  Advanced Educator Track

The International Institute for Christian School Educators, July 8-12 is looking forward to this year's collaboration with Wheaton Press,The Engaged Schools Initiative and Transformed PD  to offer a track centered upon the theme:  Rediscovering and Recapturing our Christ-center Mission. 

Featured speakers include:

  • Chris Browne, founder of Engaged Schools Initiative: Chris has served as head of the Bible department at Wheaton Academy, adjunct professor at Moody Bible and Trininty International University.  He has led professional development for schools in over a dozen countries and has published a Christ-centered curriculum through Wheaton Press and Tyndale House Publishers that is currently used in over 30 countries.
  • Dr. Annie Gallagher, professional development coach, and a instructional program consultant with Transformed PD: Annie offers programs for instructional coaching, quality instruction and assessment, new teacher training and curriculum alignment in schools around the world.  Dr. Gallagher is recognized as one of the leading voices in defining and teaching Christ-centered integrated instruction. 
  • Dr. Mary Martin, Program Director for Elementary Education and Secondary Bible Education at Moody Bible Institute: Mary greatly enjoys training teachers in research-based practices that have the strongest inpact on student learning. 

A Sample of the Topics in the Advanced Educator Track: 

  • Rethinking Worldview, Discipleship, Integration, Mission and Spiritual Assessment: 4 sessions
  • Planning Lessons to Reveal Christ
  • Who’s Doing the Thinking?
  • Assessment During Christ-Centered Instruction
  • Making Professional Development Have Lasting Results
  • Coaching Christ-Centered Instruction
  • Leadership Lessons through Poetry Writing: An Example of Integrated Instruction
  • Building the Framework for and Launching a Leadership Programs in Lower Schools: 2 sessions
  • Look for the next preview: The Keynote Speakers and Addresses



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