February means the beginning of the Lowrie Center’s preparations for the 45th annual International Institute for Christian School Educators. This conference, hosted by Columbia International University’s College of Education, supports Christian schools by providing a focused training experience for both administrators and teachers that are new to the Christian school. Participants may be first year teachers, newly hired administrators and teachers, individuals entering Christian schools from public school backgrounds, current staff members that are being prepared for leadership positions, and those in need of a refresher in the foundational principles of leadership and instruction within Christian schools.  

NEW FOR 2015, two courses for returning delegates and mentors or more advanced staff.  See below for this year’s courses, topics and speakers. 

This year’s IICSE will offer both the basic course and two follow-up course options for individuals who have attended the basic training and desire to return to campus for further study. All sessions are taught by Columbia International’s graduate education faculty and featured guest speaker Dr. Glen Schultz. The follow-up courses are also open to other individuals or mentors from the school that might benefit from both the study and the ability to interact with the new staff members from their school.  Individuals that attended the basic course within the past two years will be offered a discounted fee if they are accompanied by a first time attendee.

Topics in the Basic Administrative Course (4 CEUs): 

  • Five keynote sessions related to the philosophical basis for Christian schooling and leadership within the school
  • Curriculum supervision
  • Program and student assessment
  • Leadership dispositions, including personnel management
  • Board relations
  • Discipline
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Leading the school’s accreditation process
  • Evening focus groups for debrief and questioning
    • INSTRUCTORS INCLUDE:  Dr. Brian Simmons, Dr. James Watson, Dr. Elaine Lindsey, and Dr. Milton Uecker

Topics within the Instruction and Learning (Teaching) Course (4 CEUs):

  • Five keynote sessions related to the philosophy of Christian school education
  • Spiritual formation within the classroom
  • Teaching for understanding and inquiry learning
  • Assessing student learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Biblical / worldview integration
  • Classroom management
  • Understanding today’s learners (emphasis on differentiated instruction)
  • Evening focus groups for debrief and questioning
    • INSTRUCTORS INCLUDE:  Dr. Connie Mitchell, Dr. Debbie Moore, Dr. Milton Uecker, Dr. Lynn Hoekstra, Dr. Mark McCann, and Dr. James Watson

Course Options for Returning or Advanced Delegates (4 CEUs)

  • Building Kingdom Schools taught by Dr. Glen Schultz. 

Kingdom Education is the study of God and His Creation through which He reveals His nature to the learner so that he can know Him and glorify Him. –Glen Schultz. Delegates should prepare for the course by reading Dr. Schultz’s book, Kingdom Education.  See http://kingdomeducation.org/dr-schultzs-biography/

  • Biblical Integration taught by Dr. Milton Uecker and Dr. Debbie Moore

This course centers on a core distinctive of Christian school education.  The course will overview several models and strategies including Critical Thinking as a primary tool in developing the mind that thinks Christianly.  Models and strategies will be overviewed during morning sessions and then practiced through afternoon collaborative activities.  Participants will not only be prepared to practice authentic integration but they will have the tools needed to mentor others.  Dr Uecker is the director of the Lowrie Center for Christian School Education and the IICSE.  Dr. Moore teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate education programs at CIU.  She directs the Master’s degree program and teaches in the area of Christian school philosophy and curriculum.  

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