Planning to Promote Biblical Integration

By Dr. Milton Uecker


As we begin another academic year, the Lowrie Center will focus on a primary distinctive of Christian school education---biblical integration. Weekly posts will examine questions that should be addressed when planning biblically integrated lessons. Thinking through the answers to these questions can serve as a means of identifying the approach that bests fits the lesson’s content.  Today’s post is an overview of the questions.  Subsequent weekly Lowrie Center posts will further explain and illustrate the use of the questions. 

1. Does this content deal with the answers to worldview questions?  Which questions? (Reality, truth, value, man, future, etc.)

  • Are the ideas from the discipline rooted within another worldview?  If so, which one?  What led to this conclusion?
  • How would a Christian address the content differently?  How does the Christian worldview differ from the worldview that has shaped a given discipline or this topic?

2.  Does the content reveal an aspect of God’s character?

3.  Does the content to be covered in this lesson contain enduring ideas from this discipline?  If so, what is the idea?  

  • Are these ideas explicit or in need of uncovering?   What questions will assist in this process?
  • Does this “enduring idea” need correction?  Completion? Rejection?
  • Are the enduring ideas within the material rooted in the Truth?  What Truths? Is a biblical principle explicit within the material?  Implicit?
  • What is the biblically integrated “Enduring Idea”?  What is the source (reference) of the biblical idea that has been integrated into the enduring idea?

4.  Does the material present opportunities to discuss character?  Moral choices?

5.  What is the bridge to the life of the learner?  How can this study bring about life integration or change in the learner?  Brainstorm possible applications that would be appropriate for your students. 

Evaluation Questions         

  1. Am I sure that my integrated idea is NOT correlation as opposed to integration?
  2. Am I sure that I have not spiritualized my lesson (value added) and negatively impacted the content from the discipline? 
  3. Have I captured the truth from the discipline AND the Bible within my integrated statement? 
  4. Does life integration or the lesson content correlate with a spiritual theme?  If so, can I design a devotional message or discussion within my Bible class where the lesson from the discipline can be used to introduce the spiritual teaching?  Is there a general revelation concept that can be integrated into a Bible lesson? 



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