Planning to Promote Biblical Integration

by Dr. Milton Uecker

Week 3

2. Does the content reveal an aspect of God’s character?

Question two is the next in our series of questions teachers should ask as they strive to incorporate biblical truth into a lesson.  Note that I have not used the term integration since in this case we are adding or correlating related truths and insights within instruction (integration is synthesis or the process of two truths becoming one whole).  In light of this, this means it is better referred to as “value added” instruction. This is value added because the truth from this discipline is not changed or completed by the ideas.  Incorporating ways in which the discipline reveals God’s character or nature might therefore be more appropriate for Bible teachers as a means of using truth from the discipline to reveal God’s character within the Bible class.  

Elementary teachers might use the relationship between subject matter content and God’s nature to introduce or illustrate a devotional thought as an opening devotion on the following day or theological understanding within the Bible curriculum.  In contrast, integration is different because it completes, corrects, or rejects the concepts within a content area and thus is critical to rightly understanding the discipline.  Integrated concepts will be discussed next week (stay tuned). 

Some examples to consider:

  • Science: Creator, power, wisdom
  • Language: desire to communicate, God is Word
  • Art: creativity
  • Political Science: just and authoritative, sovereign
  • History: Patient, author
  • Math: orderliness, eternality, Creator

It is easy to see that these truths might be naturally commented upon or highlighted during the study within the discipline but caution should be taken to not transform the science class into a study of theology etc. 

Can you suggest other ways in which your discipline reveals the nature or character of God?  Take a moment to respond with your thoughts. 


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