Some Enduring Ideas from the 2018 International Institute

During worship in this morning's service I was reminded again of the theme of this year's IICSE as we sang What a Beautiful Name. Take a moment to review a few of these ideas and then, if led, respond by meditating upon the words this song. What a Beautiful Name

Reflecting on the Enduring Ideas of the 2018 IICSE

Where we:

  • Focused on rediscovering and recapturing our Christ-centered philosophy
  • Clarified the fact that every school is centered upon a god. There is no neutral education or curriculum
  • Were reminded that the purpose of schooling is to answer life’s important questions, and that these answers are found within a narrative or story that is the focal point of curriculum.
  • Were shown Neil Postman’s description of a worthy narrative---one that must “tell of origins, envision a future, construct ideals, prescribe rules of conduct, provide a source of authority, and above all, give a sense of continuity and purpose (The End of Education, p. 7)
  • Reviewed “The Biggest Story” as told by Kevin DE Young in his book and DVD. It is the Bible’s redemptive story that is the foundation for our Christ-centered philosophy.  A Christ-centered philosophy is a Truth-centered philosophy. 
  • Came to better understand how to make Jesus the center of all that is taught and done within the Christian School.
  • Realized anew the teacher’s role as “living curriculum”.
  • Ended our time together thanking God for the privilege to have such a meaningful purpose and means whereby we can serve and glorify Him.

Let’s remember to pray for one another as we participant in God’s mission through Kingdom Education. 


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