A Kept Heart

An excerpt from The Teacher's Heart

by Dr. Roy W. Lowrie, Jr. (1984)

One of our family traditions is cutting our own Christmas tree at one of the farms about an hour’s drive from our home. Our children and Peg and I enjoy this special family experience, for it is a happy time of the year, and the weather is invigorating, sometimes snowy, which brings the children delight.

A young girl was our house guest once when it was our Saturday to get the tree. It was fun to have her with us in the station wagon. She took her turn with the blunt hatchet when the children cut the tree. The hardest part was getting the children to agree on the tree they wanted. Felling it was simple.

At bedtime that night Peg took our guest’s pajamas out of the overnight bag and found a note pinned to them. The note was a verse from the Word. We looked it up and worked on it together, and it touched me permanently. The text was Proverbs 4:23, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

That truth underlies our ministry as Christian educators. We can be well-educated and have years of experience, but if our hearts are not right the blessing of God will not be upon us for the Holy Spirit will be grieved, quenched. The quiet, private keeping of our hearts before the Lord is an intimate matter between us and Him.

The Word speaks about our hearts. Certain qualities of heart are to be exemplified in us Christian school teachers. Let us consider some of those qualities contemplatively, realizing that our heavenly Father looks upon our hearts.

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