Christian Philosophy of Education (Pt. 2)

Part 2 of 3


The world’s educators and philosophers have sensed the fragmentation of knowledge with which they are working and have searched without success to find some unifying factor to pull it all together in one whole. The Christian philosophy has that unity of truth in Jesus Christ. He is the image of the invisible God by whom all things were created, who is before all things and by whom all things consist, or hold together. Colossians 1:15-17. To use Gaebelein’s expression, “All truth is God’s truth” and all knowledge must fit into the “pattern of God’s truth.” The truth is revealed in two forms: Jesus said, “I am the truth.” He also said, “Thy Word (the Bible) is truth.” God, by the Holy Spirit, enlightens the reason of a Christian as he studies God’s revelation in the Bible and in nature. The ultimate criterion of truth is the Bible. We must not let our human understanding of nature be made the norm for acceptance of the Bible.


Some unique characteristics of Christian philosophy of education are:

  1. It is based on revelation of the Word rather than on reason.
  2. It recognizes that there are some absolutes.
  3. Its content is unified in Christ.
  4. It views man’s nature as sinful, evil, totally depraved.
  5. Its objective is two-fold:
    1. To lead youth to a personal commitment to Christ.
    2. To nurture those who are already committed.
    3. Its concept of wisdom is not only knowing but doing.
    4. Its methodology is diametrically opposed to the World’s methods.

World’s Philosophy

Don’t indoctrinate.

Don’t tell people what to think.

Christian Philosophy

Do indoctrinate. You can’t teach without indoctrinating.

Tell people what to think.

Proverbs 22:6-“Train up a child in the way he should go.” There is a way that is right.

  1. Its agencies are:

Disciples who were commanded to teach others.

Parents who are responsible to teach their children.

Pastors who are to teach faithful men.

  1. Its dynamic is the Holy Spirit working in people.

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