An Open Letter to the Principal

Christian School Administration

by Roy W. Lowrie, Jr.

The Christian Teacher (1960)

Dear. Mr. Principal:

This letter is addressed to you because some questions have been asked. You probably know more about your school than any other single person, so these questions are referred to you.

It seems strange to write a letter filled with so many questions, but I know that you are patient and that many people ask you questions. Some of the questions deal with new things, some with our old problems. Let’s start.

What changes have been made in the curriculum this year? Why were these changes made? What curriculum changes will be made during the year? Next year?

Why did the Jones family leave the school? Are their children doing well in their new school? Does this situation have implications for our school?

What is the status of the planning for the new building? What is being done to expedite this planning? What plan is there for keeping our building clean and in good repair? Will a few people have to do it all again? Who is doing the remodeling job?

Who are our new teachers? Was pre-school orientation helpful to them? How are they being helped now? Have the veteran teachers made them at home?

What is being done about those students who have been severe discipline problems for so long? Does the board know what a drag they are on the class? Is action planned?

Does the board know about the problem parents? If they disrupt the work, what do you intend to do? Is it true that they won’t respond to the teachers?

Is it true that Miss Smith is retiring at the end of this year and that Miss Blair is to be married? If so, how are we recruiting new teachers? Do we have a high teacher turnover?

How are you encouraging our teachers to improve themselves? What have you done with the teacher who has lost her desire to improve? How many teachers studied last summer?

Isn’t that bus a headache? How is that whole problem being handled?

How is the discipline this year? Is it true that teachers are going to be stricter? How?

What is our financial picture? Are the bills paid? Are teachers’ salaries paid? Is there to be an increase in teachers’ salaries? Did that salary schedule go through? What about the retirement plan? What is our budget now?

What plan is there for explaining our school to the public? Is that new brochure ready yet? Who is writing articles for the newspaper?

Did you say last spring that the testing program was being expanded? How? How do our students make out on these tests? What do you tell the parents about the intelligence of their children?

Was our Bible course revised this year? Are the children enthusiastic about Bible?

Are there any divisions among faculty or board members? If so, how are they being resolved? Is it true that two of the teachers are angry with each other? Was that rift between those two parents resolved in the right way?

There are so many things to ask you, but I had better stop. I know that you are not responsible for doing all of these things. I’m writing to you because I’m sure that you can tell me what is happening on these items.


Roy W. Lowrie

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