Christian school administration

by Roy W. Lowrie, Jr.

The Christian Teacher (1960)



The school year is at its close. Each of us is anticipating relief from the pressures of his responsibilities. Although we are busy and tired, there is one very important thing which we must not skip before leaving school for the summer. We must evaluate our work, define our problems, and look to God for definite plans to solve our problems. Our work for this year will be incomplete if we omit this job. The improvements we need will lag and the total progress of our school will be retarded if we close the year without a critical look at our Christian school.

Thorough evaluation and pre-planning for the 1960–61 school year will require time. Why not try a faculty retreat at some nearby spot? Prepare for this by taking a faculty meeting to enumerate your school problems. Problems should be expressed freely at the session without defense or debate. Teachers should be supplied with a compilation of these problems so that they can study them, pray about them, and come to the retreat weekend prepared to discuss them. The majority of the retreat time should be devoted to the solution of the problems on a priority basis. However, some time could be spent on recreation and fellowship. It is good to have Christian fellowship apart from our regular professional faculty meetings. (Try holding a faculty meeting on the afternoon of your P.T.A. evening meeting. Take turns providing a light supper for the faculty and stay through for the evening meeting. On occasion, go to a nearby eating place. Such social times help us to know each other and help to strengthen faculty teamwork. Do you have any special affairs just for your faculty? Does your faculty enjoy being together?)

Teachers who are leaving the school should be encouraged to attend the evaluation weekend for their experience in evaluation will help the replacement.

If it is too late to schedule a weekend, try to schedule at least a Saturday and set aside a retreat weekend now on next year's calendar.

The principal must evaluate his work. What is the status of the school? Is it making a strong spiritual impact upon the children? Do the teachers have a Christian philosophy of education? Are the educational objectives of the school understood? Is the academic classroom instruction strong? What should be included in the faculty in-service training program next year? Is discipline well controlled? Are personal relationships what they should be? What recommendations should be made to the school board for next year? What are my weaknesses?

The board must evaluate its work. Are there any policies which should be established to avoid some of the problems that came up this year? Are board members fulfilling their responsibilities? Are the present admission policies adequate? Should the financial policies be reviewed? How are teachers being stimulated to advance in their professional training? (The board might consider paying 75% of the tuition for any teacher who wanted to do graduate work. This would be money well spent and would stimulate faculty members to do advanced study.) Are teacher recruitment methods correct? Is there a transportation problem? Is the promotion committee alive?

The P.T.A. should evaluate its work. What are the objectives of the P.T.A.? How could the program be improved? Is there a good relationship between the P.T.A. and the board? How is the program for parent education progressing? When are the new officers meeting with the outgoing officers for orientation?

Each teacher should evaluate his work. Has God called me to Christian education? Is the school His direct placement for me? Am I alert to new ideas? Where must I strengthen my program for next year? Am I growing in my comprehension of Christian education? Do I have proper relationships with my colleagues? How am I correcting my academic deficiencies? Do I have an increased concern for the spiritual welfare of my students?

Each of our schools has its own local problems. These questions are only suggestive and are not exhaustive. Your school will profit by a year end evaluation retreat. Try it!

With David we pray, "Search me, O God..”

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